Game LogoFrustrated with you current record keeping?  Are you tired of the hassle to record data on paper when animals are tranquilised (darted) or when cows calve? Are you tired of having to capture all those data again on BenguFarm-GAME? Do you want to look up animal data on your phone or tablet when you are in the veld among the animals? If you do, then please read on.

What is BenguFarm-MOBILE?

BenguFarm-MOBILE is a mobile application for Android (Android mobile app) installed independently of BenguFarm-GAME on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Capture Data on your Smartphone or Tablet

BenguFarm-MOBILE's main function is to record data in the field on a smartphone or tablet and to look up most of an animal’s information. Data can be exchanged between BenguFarm-MOBILE and BenguFarm-GAME via a synchronization function. BenguFarm-MOBILE is at this stage only available to be used with the game / wildlife module, BenguFarm-GAME. BenguelaSoft plan to expand BenguFarm-MOBILE in future for the BEEF and SHEEP & GOATS modules. Under current licensing conditions a user must have BenguFarm-GAME to be able to use BenguFarm-MOBILE. By the way, BenguFarm-MOBILE can run on Jelly Bean (version 4.2) and newer versions of Android.


Animal Data in your Pocket

Data on the breeder's BenguFarm-GAME can be sent from his computer to BenguFarm-MOBILE on a smart phone or tablet. This data can then be viewed on the smartphone or tablet when moving around between the animals in the field. All data previously recorded (see below) can also be viewed, including the progeny of an animal with their horn measurements.

Basic animal data of new animals (calves/lambs born and animals purchased) can be recorded in the field on BenguFarm-MOBILE. General notes and all data recorded at darting of animals can also be recorded on BenguFarm-MOBILE. This data includes horn measurements, photos, camp movements, inoculations, dosing & supplements, microchip implants, DNA samples, pregnancy tests (females), fertility tests (males), teeth condition, internal parasites, illnesses & injuries, treatments, veterinary notes, weights and general notes. Important to note is that the recording of data on BenguFarm-MOBILE in the veld does not need Internet access.

Synchronise with BenguFarm-GAME on your Computer

The information recorded on BenguFarm-MOBILE can then be synchronised to the BenguFarm-GAME database on your computer(s) to bring the data on the computer up to date. Synchronisation of data can be done via a USB connection, Wi-Fi or Internet, depending on which method is available and the method preferred by the user.