BenguelaSoft is a South African company specialising in livestock and game software. BenguelaSoft has a track record of 14 years in the farming industry. Our aim with the development of BenguFarm is to assist all livestock and game / wildlife farmers (commercial and stud) in making all aspects of record keeping and management of their herds more easy and efficient. In short, to help you, the farmer, to make more profit. 

BenguelaSoft's mission is to make BenguFarm the market leader in livestock and game / wildlife management software in South Africa by:

  • Providing livestock and game / wildlife farmers with a professional, scientifically based, reliable, comprehensive, yet easy to use, product.
  • Providing training through courses and on an individual basis to all our customers.
  • Providing a reliable and friendly customer support service through our network of agents.
  • Constantly improving our product through the application of the latest technologies, consultation with relevant role players in the industry and listening to our customers' comments and needs.

All modules are developed on the same platform and principles – if you know one, you will easily master all the others. Each module is however customised for the needs and requirements of the specific species. BenguFarm was developed with the inputs of various prominent animal scientists and institutions like SA Stud Book, WRSA, universities, DNA laboratories, RFID Experts, prominent breeders, etc. to ensure that the software complies with all scientific and technical standards. The ongoing inputs of our clients ensure that the program is custom-made to suit the needs of all beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and game / wildlife farmers, breeders and related institutions. The development approach is very much user-driven: users’ requests and suggestions enjoy high priority in the ongoing development and upgrading of the software. In this way, we ensure that the programme suits the needs of all farmers and institutions.

Since its release in September 2005, BenguFarm is already used in 14 countries on four continents. In South Africa, BenguFarm's Beef module is endorsed by 19 breeders' societies (see the list on the home page) and SA Stud Book and used more than 900 stud breeders and commercial farmers. The GAME and the SHEEP & GOATS modules, which has only been added lately, also proves to be very popular. The ultimate test, however, is the experience of BenguFarm users regarding our programme and our service. Also, of course, if they regard the programme as value-adding to their farming enterprises. Based on the feedback we're receiving from BenguFarm users, we are confident that it is an excellent programme - definitely a market leader. Please see the INFO - TESTIMONIALS page or contact us for references of farmers in your area or who farm with the same breed as you.



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