Download and Install

Please note that BenguFarm is Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 compatible. Note Windows 8 RT is not supported. For instructions on registration and setting up BenguFarm, go to the Manuals page and download the applicable module’s manual.

Follow the following Steps to install BenguFarm for Windows:

Step 1: If not installed, download and install Crystal Reports Run-Time for Visual Studio 2008

Crystal Reports Run-Time for Visual Studio 2008 [17.8MB]

Step 2: Download and install BenguFarm (TM)

Download BenguFarm (TM) Installer (14 January 2019).msi [37.4MB]

If you get a message that the Microsoft .Net Framework is not installed, go to the Control Panel (Windows 8: Move mouse to top right hand corner of screen to bring up the windows quick links. Select "Settings" and then "Control Panel". Windows 10: The "Control Panel" can be accessed via the Windows Start Menu)

Depending on the view settings of the Control Panel, first select "Programs" and then (or directly) select "Programs and Features".
Now select "Turn Windows features on or off" (located at top left hand side of window).
Select (make a dot next to) ".Net Framework 3.5 (including .Net 2.0 and 3.0)".
Now click OK. .Net 3.5 will be installed. In some scenarios Windows may ask you to insert the Windows install CD to complete the operation.

Step 3: Download and install BenguFarm (TM) GENETICS Module

Download BenguFarm (TM) GENETICS Installer (19 May 2017).msi [7.4MB]

Only for clients who purchased the GENETICS module.


Please note that BenguFarm MOBILE is developed to run on Android devices running Android Ice Scream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) and later.

Download and Install

Step 1: Download the BenguFarm MOBILE Android APK Installer File to your Android Smartphone or Tablet

BenguFarm MOBILE 14 Jun 2017.apk [2.0MB]

Step 2: Install BenguFarm MOBILE

Tap on the downloaded BenguFarm MOBILE apk file to install BenguFarm MOBILE.
At this stage the smartphone or tablet should be set to accept "Unknown Sources - All installation or apps from unknown sources". This should be able to be done under Settings > Security on a smartphone. Once BenguFarm MOBILE is installed, disable the "unknown sources" setting again on your smartphone/tablet.

Other Files if Needed:

For users who wish to import StudMaster data, download and install Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro

Download Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro [2.50MB]

Importing Shepherd Database on PC not running Shepherd, install Firebird Database Server
32 Bit Windows: Firebird-
64 Bit Windows: Firebird-

TeamViewer Remote Support Software:

TeamViewer remote support software allows us to log into a client's computer to help with problems that would otherwise be difficult to solve. TeamViewer generates an id and password. Only those people you give this id and password to, will be able to login into your computer and then only while your TeamViewer software is open. Download TeamViewer directly to your Desktop.

Download TeamViewer Remote Support Software [11.46MB]


Install on new computer and transfer data:

To install the program on an additional or new computer of the same client, follow the instructions at steps 1 and 2 at the top of this page and install the following:

  • Crystal Reports Basic Runtime for VS2008.
  • BenguFarm Installer 19 May 2017. Follow the onscreen prompts. Note: If you get a security warning, click "Allow", "Run Anyway" or something similar. If your computer still does not allow you to install the program, de-activate the anti-virus program temporarily and try again.

For detail instructions, please download the applicable manual at Manuals > BenguFarm-[module] Manual.

After you've installed the programme, you should upgrade to the latest version. Go to Downloads > Updates and download and install the latest version.

To move your data from the old computer to the new computer:

On the old computer:

  • Insert a memory stick on which you are going to make a BenguFarm backup into the computer.
  • Open BenguFarm and go to File > Backup and Restore.
  • Under Make a Backup, choose from What Type of Data do you want to make a Backup the option Full System Transfer to New/Other Computer.
  • Click on Browse and select the memory stick drive and a folder where you want to make the backup.
  • Click on Backup. In the selected folder a sub-folder with the name BFSysBackup_[date+time] in it will be created where all the applicable data, photos, etc. will be saved.
  • Remove the memory stick with the backup from the computer.

On the new computer:

  • Insert the memory stick with the backup you’ve made into the new computer.
  • Make sure BenguFarm is the same or newer version than on the old computer.
  • Open BenguFarm and select Restore a Backup from the Welcome window.
  • Under the heading Restore a Backup, select the option Restore System Transfer (select BFSysBack... folder), click on Browse and go to where the backup is on the memory stick and select the BFSysBackup_[date+time] folder in which the system backup was made.
  • Click Restore.
  • To register BenguFarm on the new computer, call Naomi Havenga at 082 696 8306 and give her the Computer Identification Code at the top left of the Registration screen and your BenguFarm account name number (BPU___).
  • All your BenguFarm data, photos, settings and own reports should now be on your new computer.