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Mr. Johan de Jager
tel: 083 305 1042
Mr. Leslie Bergh
tel: 082 801 2026

Bank account: BenguelaSoft (Pty) Ltd, ABSA Account No: 406 27 88 286 (cheque) Branch: Centurion (632005)
Reference: Module name (ex. BEEF) and Initials & Surname or Business Name as on order form.

Send proof of payment to: orders@benguelasoft.co.za

For enquiries about orders placed: orders@benguelasoft.co.za

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1 Note that BenguFarm MOBILE for iOS must be purchased and downloaded from the Apple App Store from your iOS device. However, please also complete this order form and include the proof of payment made to Apple. The price of the iOS app is R2300 (VAT included).




Price Options

The BenguFarm software package has modules for beef cattle, sheep & goats, game and pigs. Depending on which specie or species you are farming with, you buy a specific module or modules. For breeders who already have purchased the beef module and then additionally purchase the sheep & goats module (or vice versa), the price of the second module is only R5 450.

A stud breeder who are a member of one of the following beef cattle breeders’ societies that endorse BenguFarm, get 5% discount on the normal price of the BEEF module (e.g. R7 750 instead of R8 200): Afrikaner, Angus, Bonsmara, Boran, Beefmaster, Braunvieh, Charolais, Drakensberger, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Hugenoot, Nguni, Pinzgauer, Red Poll, Santa Gertrudis, Senepol, South Devon, Sussex and Tuli.

The GENETICS module is an optional module which enables you to manage the breeding of your herd by determining the best matings in order to achieve your specific breeding objectives. For this purpose the programme use breeding values supplied by SA Stud Book, the ARC or Breedplan. The GENETICS module can be used with the BEEF and the SHEEP & GOATS modules.

Terms and Conditions

The software may only be used to keep records of animals of whom the person or entity purchasing the software is the owner except where written consent is given by BenguelaSoft. The software may be installed on more than one computer or device as long as the record keeping is done only for the purchaser's animals.

BenguFarm MOBILE is not sold separately. You must have a BenguFarm BEEF or BenguFarm SHEEP & GOATS license to be able to purchase and use BenguFarm MOBILE.

BenguFarm MOBILE for GAME is not sold separately. You must have a BenguFarm GAME license to be able to purchase and use BenguFarm MOBILE for GAME.

All the modules (excluding the GENETICS module which only requires a valid BEEF or SHEEP & GOATS module license) are subject to an annual license fee from the second year of use. For more information, please visit the Price page located in the Info menu.

The software is used at own risk. BenguelaSoft, its owners, employees and agents take no responsibility for damages that may occur from direct or indirect use of the software, data and/or reports supplied by the software or in the process of given support and/or advice to clients. 

The software is only distributed via the internet. The computer and/or mobile device you wish to install the applicable software on, must have internet access to be able to download the software. 

The terms and conditions can be changed without prior notice.

Procedure to order BenguFarm software

Complete the above online order.

Pay the applicable amount, except for BenguFarm MOBILE for iOS which must be purchased from the Apple App Store, into the BenguelaSoft (Pty) Ltd account and obtain the proof of payment. (The bank account details are on the right hand side of the screen). Please ensure you supply your name (as on the order) as reference when you make the payment.

Attach the proof of payment.

Ensure you click on PLACE ORDER NOW before you exit the order screen. 

Download Software and Registration

Software must be downloaded from this site by navigating to Downloads > Software. Please note that none of the software is distributed by post. If you do not have internet access, the software can  be downloaded on a flash drive from another computer which have internet access. The software can then be installed from such a flash drive. Once installed, your agent will assist you to register the software after which you can start to use BenguFarm.