Pigs LogoBenguFarm PIGS is your all-in-one on-farm pigs management information system. It was developed to make your record keeping, administration, performance testing, selection, breeding, marketing and general management easy and efficient. It is the ideal management software for precision farming.

The programme is specifically designed for the needs of the South African pig farmers and caters for all aspects of herd management, from purchases, matings, pregnancy tests, farrowings, weights, performance testing, pedigrees, vaccinations, diseases, injuries to sales, slaughter data and mortalities. It even has a very handy rainfall calendar. Animals can be linked to litter groups, houses and management groups, which the farmer can set up himself. The groups enable quick and easy selection of animals for on-screen listing, lists and reports. Animals can easily be moved between houses to keep track which animals are/were in which house.

The programme is equally suitable for commercial and stud herds. The few functions which are only needed by stud breeders can be hidden for commercial herds, to keep the program simple and make it user-friendly.


BenguFarm PIGS is developed in SA by BenguelaSoft, which also developed the well-known and widely used BenguFarm BEEF beef cattle management software package. BenguFarm PIGS is one of five modules of the BenguFarm management software package. The other modules are for beef cattle, game and sheep & goats and also a breeding module. All these modules are developed on the same basis, which means that someone who already knows one module will very easily master one of the other modules. The BenguelaSoft development approach is user-driven, meaning that users’ requests and suggestions are taken into account in the ongoing development of the software.

Expertise from a range of institutions and individuals in the pig industry has provided inputs in the development of the program to ensure that it meets the needs of all farmers and institutions.

Weights can be imported directly from most electronic scales and photos can be loaded obtained and displayed with the animal’s data. Notes and remarks can be recorded. The program also has an internal diary and management calendar that the farmer can set up according to his specific needs.

For the stud breeder, the programme provides, except for the above, also for embryo flushings and implants, inspection reports, visual scoring, and so on. Registration data and performance data can also be very easily be imported and sent in the correct electronic format to SA Stud Book or a breeders’ society.

BenguFarm PIGS calculate various reproduction and performance traits and indexes in exactly the same way as the Logix system of SA Studbook. This valuable information can be used by the farmer for selection, breeding and management of his animals. Inbreeding is also calculated for existing animals and planned matings.

The program has more than 50 reports and recording lists for general and health management, breeding, performance testing, selection, marketing and herd administration. The breeding herd selection report, for example, is very useful to select sows easily and quickly on reproduction and production norms that the farmer can choose according to his own standards. BenguFarm PIGS also provides that the farmer can very easily compile his reports and save it for later use.

The program is Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 compatible, it can be set up in English or Afrikaans and can be used for more than one herd and on more than one computer of the same owner without any additional cost. The program is easy to use with the help of a user-friendly manual and step-by-step help functions on all the windows.

BenguFarm PIGS provides for extensive data verification to ensure that only correct data is recorded and, for stud breeders, sent to the applicable service provider such as SA Stud Book.

BenguelaSoft has agents in most provinces. When purchasing the software BenguFarm assign an agent to the client. The agent will help with installation, training and support where needed. Support is normally done by phone, e-mail and through the internet using Teamviewer software. Training is provided country wide in SA and in other countries.