BenguFarm modules are sold separately. The purchase price differs for the first module purchased compared to subsequent modules purchased:

BEEF, SHEEP & GOATS and PIGS modules:

South Africa: R6 150 per module (including VAT)
BEEF users buying SHEEP & GOATS (and vice versa): R4 100 for the second module (including VAT)

Foreign Countries: R5 600 or US$440 per module (VAT not applicable).
BEEF users buying SHEEP & GOATS (and vice versa): R3 750 or US$295 for the second module (VAT not applicable)

GAME module:

South Africa: R7 250 (including VAT)
Foreign Countries: R6 650 or US$520 per module (VAT not applicable)


South Africa: R1 550 (including VAT)
Foreign Countries: R1 450 or US$115 (VAT not applicable)


South Africa: R3 250 (including VAT)
Foreign Countries: R2 900 or US$230 (VAT not applicable)

Note: Members of breeders' societies endorsing BenguFarm BEEF qualify for 5% discount on the selling price, thus they pay only R5 850-00 if it is the first/only module purchased. For more information, contact Mr. Leslie Bergh (see Contact Us) or your breeders' society.

The price includes:

  • Download of the software from the internet (or a CD with the software send by registered mail at an additional fee of R150)
  • Data import of your herd's animals from Logix/INTERGIS/BreedPlan and/or certain farm software
  • License fee for the 1st year
  • Software upgrades for the 1st year
  • User-support for the 1st year

License Fee (compulsory - 2019 prices)

License fee per year:

South Africa: R915 (including VAT) per module, excluding the GENETICS module that has no license fee and only requires a valid BEEF or SHEEP & GOATS license
BEEF together with SHEEP & GOATS: R600 for second module (including VAT)
MOBILE MODULE for GAME (Android): Need valid BenguFarm GAME license.

Foreign Countries: R810 or US$60 per module (VAT not applicable)
BEEF together with SHEEP & GOATS: R525 or US$39 for second module (VAT not applicable)
MOBILE MODULE for GAME (Android): Need valid BenguFarm GAME license.

Includes renewal of user access, all software upgrades and free* user-support.
(See the FAQ section for our policy regarding future increases).

Duplicate CDs 

Duplicate CDs are available to BenguFarm clients at a fee of R150-00 (VAT included). Please request via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include proof of payment in request e-mail.